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A Magic Place

Today I step into the river, in a new place. A place I have long prepared to go. A place my soul has led me, despite the resistance of my mind and ego. My heart radiates with joy in the meeting of my destiny and my tribe.

Today, I teach what I know, what has lifted me from confusion and despair into love, faith, and healing. Within this gorgeous flowing river of Life, is the knowledge and the artistry of the warrior, the Sovereign Being.

Today begins the journey of the SOVEREIGN WOMAN©.

I have tasted and quenched my own thirst in the wisdom traditions and knowledge of the luminous warriors. The brittle disconnection of a complex collective becomes vibrant and alive with the elixir of unconditional love in motion. I discovered the radiance of Being in harmony with Life and all that is. I have felt the shimmering tethers and bonds between each of us, in all the ways we explore this experience of Life. I have seen the rising sun in your gaze and the mysterious moons of free will and destiny. I have danced in the stars and stood awe struck by the void and the vastness of creation.

I am beyond grateful for the gift and the grace to teach and share the song of Life. I bow in service to All that is.

Today, I lead and share with others who are also called to discover the joy and confidence of the authentic Self, the only true Sovereign inside each of us. May the Dreamers awaken to their beauty and power.


For more information about the SOVEREIGN WOMAN© Program, please see the overview here.

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