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Who is the Sovereign Woman?

You are a Sovereign Woman

The Sovereign Woman© Program is six months of the most effective and powerful secrets I’ve ever learned. I will be teaching these, derived from ancient wisdom and modern metaphysics, that really do transform everything, allowing you to create a life of your dreams. You will find that with some work and commitment, you will see massive shifts in your life that simply eluded you until now.

Where you were stuck, you will find flow, freedom and clarity. Where you felt unhappy, you will find joy, abundance, gratitude. Where you felt overwhelmed, you will feel excited, focused and powerful. Where you were frustrated or angry, you will discover courage, determination and confidence. Where you once felt like a victim, you will seize your true power and become the Sovereign Woman© you were born to be.

What is your life worth?

We all get this one life to accomplish our Dreamer’s mission, the Toltec idea of our Soul or Spirit purpose. Far too many of us get stuck in programs and ideas that aren’t even ours. We dutifully work ourselves to the bone for someone else’s dream. It’s time to change that. We are all co-creators of this reality. It’s time for your dreams to be born and bless this earth and all of us with your unique gifts and magic. This program offers a map to get there.

The Sovereign Woman© is empowered to make decisions about her life, her time, her value, her goals and dreams, without any fear or limitation. Why? Because she knows that she is a powerful being. She is aligned with her Spirit (Dreamer) and knows how to tap into that power in an instant to shift anything she encounters. We can’t always anticipate what others might do, but we can choose how we react and whether we use our power consciously and effectively.

The Sovereign Woman© is the leader of her domain, her life and her vision. She is no longer hijacked by fear or victim stories. When these old programs show up, she knows how to banish them immediately. She leaves all of that behind with grace and ease. She writes a new, powerful story for herself and all those she loves.

The Sovereign Woman© is the change we all are waiting for.

Are you a Sovereign Woman©?

Course Overview:

We will be going through 12 modules (lessons) plus a bonus. One lesson every two weeks over six months. The lessons will be shared via ZOOM and recorded. If you miss a class, there will be a member area with all the calls saved. You can catch up to the current lesson from anywhere, at any time.

As a Sovereign Woman©, you will have lifetime access to the Sovereign Woman© Program and the materials. There will be a free Facebook or social media group (secret) where you can get answers to questions as we go through. I will also provide my text, phone and email for support if you get stuck at any point on the material.

I’m so excited to share this path, these tools, and this wisdom with a select group of powerful, kick ass and sovereign women. With this knowledge, you will be well on your way to manifesting your dreams. In every area of your life.

Quick Facts:

· 12 modules, plus bonus (saved in member area of website, address coming)

· Every two weeks Skype recorded call (you will get dial in #)

· Unique tools and teachings based on the Toltec medicine wheel

· Secret Facebook group for support

· Text support when stuck

· Life time membership

· Sovereign Woman Network & Mentoring

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