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Welcome to the home of Sovereign Woman©. This program is for women who are ready to reclaim their birthright as free Sovereign Beings. Based in the knowledge and ancient wisdom of the Toltec medicine wheel, this program offers effective tools and insights to create the life of your dreams.  

Sovereign Woman© was created by Lisa Merrai, a teacher and practitioner of the ancient wisdom traditions. Every teaching was gifted by many mentors and teachers, and practiced in Lisa's own life journey. She is a mother to four beautiful souls, a writer, photographer and Sovereign Woman©. 

Every woman is a powerful, creative being. My goal and vision is to see every woman living the life of her dreams.

Our Mission

To support every single kick ass woman in the world with the tools and wisdom she needs to become Sovereign and Free.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We imagine a world where women are leading with passion, power, and purpose, using our innate gifts and talents to lift and heal the world.

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