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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Passion, power, purpose

 Sovereign Notes

Everything you are seeking, is seeking you.

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Have you read Lisa's new book, "Become: Freyja Wolfe."

Lisa weaves a coming-of-age tale in a world not very different from our own, where true freedom and power is not what it appears.


Lisa Merrai founded the Sovereign Woman Program™, using ancient tools and wisdom to impact her client’s lives radically and profoundly. Her favorite roles are child whisperer, muse wrangler, lens trainer, and enchanted peregrine.

Lisa contributed “Take A Family Sabbatical” to “PEARLS OF WISDOM: 30 INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!” with best-selling authors Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Chris and Janet Attwood and 25 of the best up-and-coming self-help authors of today.

Are you ready to become Sovereign?

"The Sovereign Women program was tremendously helpful for me.


We learned new tools to help better manage reactions, reducing stress and emotional triggers.  We had lessons and exercises that help let go of limiting beliefs, helping me step into who I truly want to become.  Lisa helped me more freely, and consistently, open my heart to allow more love into my life, to live more fully from a loving place, and to feel more gratitude.  


I highly recommend the Sovereign Woman Program to any woman wanting to improve her life in some way, regardless of age or life situation."




Where kick ass women get the tools they need....


Phone: 435-612-0125

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